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Spiral Jetty experienced   


Click on the images below to watch UMFA community members narrate their experiences of Spiral Jetty. Each account is one to two minutes long. Click the square in the bottom corner of the images to enlarge.


Valerie Atkisson

Visiting with her students, Atkisson encountered the earthwork the day after a storm, covered in salt water foam.

David Cole

A former brine shrimper and now co-owner of Epic Brewing, Cole shares how he was inspired to name a beer after the work.


Andi Olsen

Olsen talks about how her visit affected her photography.


Annie Burbidge-Ream

An otherwise typical road trip to Spiral Jetty ends unexpectedly at Wizard Fest 2007.


Hikmet Sidney Loe

Loe shares the story of how, on her first visit, she took a wrong turn. Watch an extended interview to learn more about the history of the work in Spiral Jetty Explained.


Lance Olsen

Olsen, who is currently writing a novel inspired by Robert Smithson, talks about his first visit to the site. CLICK to hear a reading from his forthcoming book.


Beth Krensky

Krensky shares observations from a trip with her three-year-old son.


Jennifer Milner

A frequent visitor to Spiral Jetty, Milner recalls taking along her dog Boo and his reactions.


Shelbey Peterson

Broken down on an isolated road miles from Spiral Jetty, Peterson describes what it is like to be stranded.


Jenny Esker

Esker reflects on how Spiral Jetty appears different each time she visits.


dawn lonsinger

A poet, lonsinger describes her first impressions of the earthwork. CLICK to watch a reading of her photo-poem based on that visit.


Barbara Nash

A geologist, Nash talks about her first visit. Watch an extended interview to learn more about the geology around the work in Spiral Jetty Explained.


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