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Public School Programs




The Utah Museum of Fine Arts' Public School Programs includes Art in a Box art-making classroom boxes and in-class presentations, Museum object presentations,  the Teacher Resource Center, pARTners classroom presentations and tours, In-District Professional Development opportunities, Teacher Workshops, and UMFA exhibits created specifically for public school audiences.


Art in a Box Classroom Boxes -
Through our collaboration with the Utah State Office of Education, we distribute art-making resources to districts and schools throughout the state, at no cost. Classroom boxes contain curriculum-based lesson plans, reproductions of artworks, quality art-making tools and supplies, art kit refill order forms and program assessments. All the materials are contained within a large, portable storage unit that is the permanent property of the participating school or district. A Museum educator personally delivers each box and provides in-classroom presentations and/or teacher in service trainings on how to use the box.  


Current Boxes:
Art in a Box: Printmaking
Our introductory theme. Each box contains all the brayers, barrens, ink, paper and printing plates needed for 105 students to create original works using traditional printmaking techniques. Presentations suitable for K-6.


Art in a Box: Color
The days of the common color wheel lessons are over! This box contains invaluable resources that highlight the vibrant world of color by connecting it to multiple areas of the the Utah Core Standards. With math, science. language and visual arts, this box contains more ideas than colors in a crayon box! Presentations suitable for K-4


*To reserve a box and schedule in-class presentations please click Schedule a Presentation or call 801.585.5168.


Museum Object Presentations - 
During these hands-on presentations students will examine and discuss objects in the education collection.


Current presentations:
Native Peoples of North & South America: During this presentation students will discuss ancestry and the importance many families place on cultural heritage. This presentation emphasizes the diversity of Indian cultures in the Americas and introduces students to the following cultures/communities: Inuit, Chippewa Tribe, Sioux Tribe, Paiute Tribe, Tewa Tribe, Hopi Tribe, Nahua, Huichol, Maya and Quechua. This presentation addresses the Utah Social Studies Core Curriculum for third grade (Standard II-Objective 2-Indicators A & C).


Tribes of Utah: During this presentation students will learn about traditional crafts created by living artists from five Indian tribes in Utah: Goshute, Navajo, Paiute, Shoshone, and Ute. Students will discuss the importance traditions have in families and communities, and how traditional crafts have been passed down among tribe members. Materials, techniques, and the purpose of traditional craft objects from each tribe will be examined. This presentation addresses the Utah Social Studies Core Curriculum (Standard II-Objective 1-Indicator C) and Visual Arts Core Curriculum (Standard III-Objective 1-Indicator A and Standard IV-Objectives 1, 2, and 3) for fourth grade.


African Art: During this presentation students will learn about different types of traditional art from Africa. Students will learn about authentic objects such as musical instruments, clothing, masks, and everyday objects. Art materials, the elements of art, and the purpose of the objects will be explored.This presentation is geared toward grades K-2, but can be adapted to older grades.


African Traditions: During this presentation students will discuss ancestors, traditions, and the importance of cultural heritage. The presentation focuses on traditions both past and present in Africa from the following five countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Somalia, and South Africa. Students will learn about traditional objects such as musical instruments, masks, clothing, money, and games and discuss how they tie into maintaining traditions. This presentation is geared toward grades 3-6, but could be adapted to younger grades.


Egypt Then & Now: This presentation tells the story of the pharaohs, technology and religion of Ancient Egypt and highlights history from the Roman invasion to Islamic rule to modern history.


*To reserve a box and schedule in-class presentations please click Schedule a Presentation or call 801.585.5168.


pARTners -
Museum tour program for fourth graders in the Salt Lake City School District.



Teacher Workshops -
Teacher workshops strive to expose teachers to the richness and breadth of the UMFA's collection and to instruct teachers on how to use art in all areas of their curricula. Programs include Evening for Educators, open-houses, workshops, and other learning activities.



The UMFA School Outreach Program is funded by the Utah State Office of Education POPS Program. 


For more information about this program call 801.585.5168. 










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