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Celebrate the richness of Mexican art and culture at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts this summer. On loan from the Gilcrease Museum in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Las Artes de México will be on view at the UMFA from May 6, 2010 – September 26, 2010, and will be complemented by three exceptional companion exhibitions inspired by Mexico’s diverse artistic traditions.


Las Artes de México explores the art, history, and culture of Mexico across many eras and regions, from the ancient work of the Mayans and Aztecs to groundbreaking modernist painting of the twentieth century. This exhibition offers a dynamic look at Mexico’s ancient, folk, and modern art, examining the historic roots that developed the cultural landscape of Mexico today.


The region of modern-day Mexico has been home to highly developed cultures and urban civilizations for over 4,500 years. In ancient times, the people of Mesoamerica built spectacular pyramids and temples, developed sophisticated agriculture, and exchanged goods across a vast trade network. While the Spanish invasion (1519-1521) destroyed many aspects of the ancient civilizations, new forms of cultural production grew from the merging of Indian and Spanish traditions.


Modern Mexico was born only in 1821, at the end of an eleven-year struggle for independence from Spain. The stories of the people of Mexico are a crucial part of the history of our Western hemisphere, and represent a mosaic of traditions founded in antiquity that extend into our own time.


In an effort to provide a meaningful, enjoyable, and educational experience for all visitors, the UMFA has created label text and print materials for Las Artes de México in both English and Spanish. Families can embark on an artistic adventure through Mexico with our specially designed Las Artes de México family guide and backpack; visitors of all ages will enjoy our free audio stops and docent-led tours of the exhibition in English and Spanish; and a variety of special public programs scheduled throughout the run of the exhibition will offer participants a deeper understanding and love for Las Artes de México.


Join us in celebrating the art and culture of Mexico at the UMFA!






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José Clemente Orozco (1883-1949), Zapatistas, 1928, lithograph










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