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Podcasts of Lectures and Audio Stops



Lectures and Interviews


Audio and/or video podcasts of many UMFA lectures and interviews are available. Click HERE for a list.


Audio Stops


The UMFA is pleased to offer audio gallery guides for the permanent collection and special exhibitions.  You can listen to as many of the one to two-minute stops as you wish, in the order of your choice.


There are several ways to enjoy the Audio Stops


  1. Visit the Museum and use your cell phone to access all Audio Stops free of charge.*
    Using the system is as easy as dialing a telephone number and then entering the item number that corresponds to the object you wish to hear about. Simply look for objects in the galleries marked with cell phone symbols. You may stay connected as you walk through the galleries, or hang up and call back as often as you like during or after your visit.
  2. Visit the Museum and borrow a MP3 player from the Visitor Services Desk for FREE.
  3. Download FREE audio stops to your iPod HERE.


Transcripts of Audio Stops are available. Contact the Accessibility Coordinator for more information.


*The cell phone Audio Stops are provided free of charge; however, you will use your cell phone minutes while connected, regardless of your carrier.




Image Credits:

First Banner
Left: Ralph Albert Blakelock (American, 1847-1919), Silvery Night, detail, late 19th century, oil on canvas, gift of Marion Sharp Robinson, UMFA# 1953.013. Center:  Egyptian, XXVI Dynasty Anthropoid Sarcophagus, detail, 644-525 BCE, wood, gesso, paint, purchased with funds from the Marriner S. Eccles Foundation for the Marriner S. Eccles Collection of Masterworks, Museum # 2008.17.1. Right:
Pieter Brueghel the Younger (1564-1637/1638), Flemish, Dance Around the Maypole, detail, ca. 1625-1630, oil on panel, gift of Val A. Browning, Museum # 1992.020.001.

Second Banner
Left:Chinese, T'ang Dynasty (618-906), Camel, Earthenware with brown, green and yellow glaze, Gift from Lennox Tierney and purchased with funds from Friends of the Art Museum, UMFA #1972.240. Center: Benjamin West (American), 1738-1820, Portrait of Mrs. Benjamin West and Her Son, Raphael, ca. 1770, oil on canvas, Purchased with funds from the Marriner S. Eccles, Foundation to the Marriner S. Eccles Masterworks Collection, UMFA# 1982.007.003. Right:Guatemala, Central Petén/Tikal/Uaxactun region, Maya culture, Classic Period (100 BC-AD 900), Urn, Earthenware and pigment, Gift of the Marriner S. Eccles Foundation for the Marriner S. Eccles Collection of Masterworks, UMFA # 1987.057.1


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