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Spiral Jetty Backpack Evaluation




We value your opinion of our Spiral Jetty backpack and hope that you will be able to identify ways we can improve it.


Did you take the backpack out to Spiral Jetty on Great Salt Lake?
Yes  No 
Were the directions helpful in getting to Spiral Jetty?
Yes  No 
How many adults did you take with you?
How many children did you take with you?

What ages were the children that went with you (if any)?

In your opinion, was the instruction packet understandable and well laid out?
Yes  No 


What was your favorite activity?

List two things that made it your favorite:

What was your least favorite activity?


Are there any activities you would eliminate from the backpack? If so, why?

Are there any activities you can think of that should be added to the backpack?

What is one new thing you learned by experiencing Spiral Jetty with the backpack?

What was your favorite part of your experience at Spiral Jetty?

Thank You!

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