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Splendid Heritage Online



Splendid Heritage Virtual Exhibition

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The Splendid Heritage Collection of Native American material represents a significant cultural and artistic resource that can be understood in many different ways. Museums traditionally interpret this type of material by emphasizing either their cultural context or a traditional fine arts view. This online exhibition explores these objects from both perspectives, the intersection of culture and art.


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The UMFA would like to thank the following people
for their help in making this online feature possible:


Emma Hansen, Senior Curator, 

& Lee Haines, Director of Public Relations,

Buffalo Bill Historical Center


Bernadette Brown, Curator, Utah Museum of Fine Arts


Silvia Gonzales

Chris Langstein

Jo Lyne and Cody Merchant

Johnny Merchant

Roger Broer

Susan Stewart

Mary Lou and Heywood Big Day

John and Marva Warnock

Clinton Nagy

Clayton Black

Gloria Nusse & Nina Leva

Atthowe Fine Art Services

James & Rhonda Helmuth

Christine Baczek 

& Marcela Torres






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