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LeConte Stewart


Best known for realistic portrayal of Utah's rural and urban landscape, Stewart's contributions to the regional art of Utah and the West spanned seventy-five years and resulted in the creation of thousands of works. He was one of the most accomplished and beloved artists working in Utah during the twentieth century.


Stewart began his formal art education at the University of Utah before continuing his studies in New York and Pennsylvania. He then returned to Utah to paint the small towns, farms, and deserts that captured his imagination as a young boy. From 1938 to 1956, Stewart served as chair of the Art Department at the University of Utah.


Until his death in 1990, Stewart painted or sketched nearly every day. Believing that a landscape artist must paint outdoors, Stewart could be found teaching or often painting alone on the roadsides or fields near his home. He preserved on canvas the rural scenes that he revered for a lifetime.




Rotating Slideshow: SLIDE 1 / LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), House by the Railroad Tracks, private collection. LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), Private Car, courtesy the Church History Museum. SLIDE 2 / LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), November Hills, Eden, gift of the Silver Foundation. LeConte Stewart. Image used by permission, Utah State Historical Society. All rights reserved. LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), Springtime in Peterson, courtesy the Church History Museum.  SLIDE 3 / LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), Approved by Postmaster General, courtesy the Church History Museum, gift of the Silver Foundation. LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), The Smiths', the Jones', and the Browns', courtesy of Springville Museum of Art. SLIDE 4 / LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), Autumn's Gold, Harvey's Pond, courtesy the Church History Museum. LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), Gray Day, Winter, courtesy the Church History Museum, gift of the Silver Foundation. LeConte Stewart (1891-1990), Autumn, Hogback Mountain, courtesy the Church History Museum, gift of the Silver Foundation.





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