The UMFA is temporarily closed for remodeling and will reopen August 26, 2017.
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Third Saturdays for Families

Family art making continues at the UMFA while Museum galleries remain temporarily closed for reinstallation. Join us in the UMFA education classroom for FREE hands-on activities designed for all ages and abilities.

Galleries reopen to the public the weekend of August 26.


Child at Third Saturday for Families activity

Third Saturdays are FREE family activity days offered each third Saturday of the month. Instruction and activities are available from 1–4 pm and are first come, first served. Campus parking is free on Saturdays—except in reserved stalls. Please call 801.581.3580 or email for more information. 


upcoming third saturday activities

Drawing Machines
Saturday, May 20 | 1
4 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
Chance and accident have influenced art for more than a century. Experiment with randomness by crafting a drawing machine to create your own work of art. We'll provide all the parts needed to create a self-moving machine that draws.

Rattle Instruments
Saturday, June 17 | 1
4 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
From Mexican maracas to African seed gourds, cultures everywhere make rattle musical instruments. Discover the variety of rattle shapes and diverse sounds made by instruments from around the world and decorate your own set of musical rattles for music making.

Peg Doll Portraits
Saturday, July 15 | 14 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
Portraits not only represent what someone looks like, they often show their hobbies, likes, and personality. Create your own portrait on a wooden peg doll with inspiration from traditional portraits in the UMFA education collection.

Chinese Fans
Saturday, August 19 | 14 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
Chinese decorative arts are noted for their intricate patterns. Study the beautiful designs of Chinese cloisonné, made with enamel and wire, and create your own design on paper fans.

Porcelain Painting
Saturday, September 16 | 14 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
The detailed designs of Chinese pottery in the Museum's permanent collection are filled with flowers, fruit, and animals. Gather ideas from these splendid objects to paint your own porcelain teacups for use at home. 

Mask Making
Saturday, October 21 | 14 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
Our annual mask-making activity is a perennial favorite. Decorate your own mask inspired by masks from Africa and the Pacific in the UMFA permanent collection. 

Saturday, November 18 | 14 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
Printmaking is a centuries-old art form still practiced today. Inspiration from etchings, engravings, and woodblock prints in our European galleries will spark your imagination as you design your own set of prints. 

Saturday, December 16 | 14 pm | FREE
UMFA Education Classroom
Water is vital for survival, especially in the American West. Explore the landscapes featuring water in the Go West! Art of the American Frontier and create your own waterscape using watercolor pencils.


    Third Saturdays are funded in part by Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP).

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