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Third Saturdays for Families



Third Saturdays are FREE family activity days offered the third Saturday of each month and include FREE Museum admission all day. Instruction and activities begin at 1 pm and end at 4 pm. The art making happens in the Emma Eccles Jones Education Center Classroom which has a limited capacity of 60. Activities are offered on a first come, first served basis. Please call 801.581.3580 or email education@umfa.utah.edu for more information. This program is supported in part by the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) program.



Saturday, November 21 | 1
4 pm | FREE
Printmaking is a centuries-old art form still practiced today. Get inspiration from the stunning Utah and British landscapes currently on view to spark your imagination as you design your own set of prints. 

Found Object Sculpture
Saturday, December 19 | 14 pm | FREE
Explore our modern and contemporary art gallery to find sculptures made from rubber, wood, and metal. Create your own sculpture, called an assemblage, from a variety of everyday objects.

January 16 | 1-4 pm | FREE
The beetle, or scarab, was the most popular magical amulet worn by ancient Egyptians as a charm of protection. Mummies were often buried with large scarabs placed on their chests to protect the heart. Create your own version of these ancient amulets with inspiration from the mysterious scarabs in our collection.

Drawing with Art Dice
Saturday, February 20 | 1-4 pm | FREE
Many artists draw every day to hone their skills-sometimes making a game to spark their creativity. Make your own game by decorating dice with visual cues, and then roll the dice to randomly suggest artistic elements as you create your own drawing.  

Abstract Portraits
Saturday, March 19 | 1-4 pm | FREE
Traditional African artists are masters at creating dramatic masks, portraits, and faces using basic geometric shapes. Find inspiration from African masks in our Education Collection to create your own portrait using simple shapes.

Shadow Puppets
Saturday, April 16 | 1-4 pm | FREE
Shadow puppets are a beautiful storytelling art form from Bali. Puppets from the Education Collection will offer inspiration as you craft your own shadow puppet. Flashlights will be on-hand to bring your puppet to life.

Torn Paper Landscapes
Saturday, May 21 | 1-4 pm | FREE
Artists have incorporated paper in their art making for centuries. Using torn paper and colored chalk, let the natural environment around you inspire your landscape creation.

Russian Nesting Dolls
Saturday, June 18 | 1-4 pm | FREE
The Russian folk art of vibrant, colorful Matryoshka dolls dates back to 1890. Let our traditional Matryoshka set be the inspiration to decorate your own set of nesting dolls.    


    Third Saturdays for Families are funded in part by the Salt Lake County Zoo, Arts & Parks (ZAP) program.


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