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UMFA Permanent Collection of Pre-Columbian Art

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For those interested in seeing more art and culture of ancient Mexico, the UMFA’s own permanent collection boasts a variety of objects from pre-conquest Central and South America. Located on the Museum’s second floor, the Pre-Columbian: Art of the Americas gallery comprises objects as ancient as the Pre-Classic period (2000-100 BCE) to works from the Early Post-Classic period (900-1200 CE), including earthenware objects from the Olmec culture, pottery excavated from ancient Nayarit tombs in Western Mexico, and an abundance of animal effigies and other artifacts from the Maya culture.


The UMFA’s collection of pre-Columbian art is a perfect beginning or end to any Las Artes de México visit or regular trip to the Museum.


For more information on the UMFA’s Permanent Collection of Pre-Columbian Art, click HERE.

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