Supporting Original Scholarship

The J. Willard Marriott Library and the Utah Museum of Fine Arts maintain significant holdings of immense value to researchers. In 2019, funding from the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation helped the Marriott and UMFA initiate a series of three annual grants to support University of Utah scholars interested in conducting original research using primary source material from the Marriott’s and UMFA’s holdings. The Library and Museum continue to facilitate original research and strive to identify and increase access to objects that will enhance student learning and foster innovative research and scholarship for University faculty. 

Learn about scholarly projects sponsored by the Marriott and UMFA with the Collections Engagement Grant: 

  • Watch the Lunchtime Learning Series I/II/III below. 


Lunch Time Learning I features presentions by Emily Larsen, Al Denyer, Andy Hoffmann, Samyak Shertok, and Emily Tipps.


Lunch Time Learning II featured presentions by Lisa Swantsrtom, Yevette Mylett, and Max Schleicher; Cody Fitzgerald, Kiki Karahalios, and China Mauck; Elisabet Curbelo, Amin, Christopher Newman, and Zheng Zhou; Adrian Vilami Bell, and Julie Huddleston.

Lunch Time Learning III featured presentions by Joshua Graham, Jaclyn Wright, Steven Chodoriwsky, Crystal Rudds and Elisabet Curbelo, Sarah Hollenberg, Michael Abrahamson