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ACME (Art. Community. Museum. Education.) is an outreach initiative dedicated to rethinking the public role of the museum. ACME is twofold: the ACME Lab, a physical space for art experimentation, and the ACME Sessions, a series of roundtable public exchanges where participants can dream and articulate new models of education and community engagement through art.

These bimonthly ACME Sessions bring together Salt Lake City's most creative, inventive, and cross-disciplinary minds—artists, K–12 educators, museum professionals, university faculty and students, engineers, scientists, technologists, activists, researchers, and others.

The ACME Lab—a flexible space for research, creative exploration, and exhibitions—is slated to launch at the UMFA in 2017.



Got Vision? How Can Art and Imagination Strengthen Community?
Wednesday, September 14 | 7 pm* | FREE
Salt Lake City Public Library, Glendale Branch
*Join us at 6:30 pm for refreshments

Making art is a way to envision something different for ourselves, our community, and the world. Join us—bring the kids, too—for art making and conversation. Share your ideas about bringing more free arts programming and opportunities to our neighborhoods.

Artists and art educators will guide collaborative projects using digital photography, printmaking, found materials, wood, and simple machines. Session leaders include:

Beth Krensky, Sandy Brunvand, and Rosi Hayes
University of Utah Art Educators and Practicing Artists

Heather Paulsen and Celine Downen
Community Artists/Educators

Educators attending this event are eligible to earn two relicensure points.
Sign in and pick up a lesson plan at the event to receive credit.

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Museums: What Are They Good For?
Wednesday, March 9 | 7 pm
Salt Lake City Public Library, Main Library
Leaders of local museums—the UMFA, the Natural History Museum of Utah, The Leonardo, and the Utah Museum of Contemporary Art—presented strategies for attracting and engaging diverse audiences. Read more about this session on the UMFA blog and check out the video recap on Vimeo or YouTube.

What's Hip-Hop Got to Do with Education?
Wednesday, May 11 | 7 pm

Salt Lake City Public Library, Glendale Branch
Presentations and performances from local artists and educators wowed an audience of more than 100 guests and participants, demonstrating the value of hip-hop as an important art form as well as a relevant educational vehicle. Read more about this session on the UMFA blog and check out the video recap on Vimeo or YouTube.

Take It or Make It: How Do We Build a Creative Community?
Wednesday, July 6 | 7 pm | FREE
Salt Lake City Public Library, Marmalade Branch
Local art makers, art educators, and creative collaborators gathered for hands-on art making in sessions guided by representatives of Framework Arts, Salt Lake City Arts Council, and individual art practices. Participants made and re-made art in various mediums and then discussed the experience and its relevance to ensuring a vibrant and inclusive creative community. 

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