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Lesson Plans



Lesson plans are available as Adobe PDF files. Click on the title to view, save or print. If you have trouble downloading the lesson, contact to request the lesson(s) on a CD.


Lesson Plan Title


 Grade Level


Abstract Art 2004 All Abstract Art from the UMFA collection
African American Masters 2005 All African American Art from the UMFA collection
African Art 1 2003 All African Art from the UMFA collection
African Art 2 1998 All More African Art from the UMFA collection
American Indian Art 2009 All Plains Indian art from the Warnock collection
Andy Warhol 2007 All Art by Andy Warhol from the UMFA collection
Art of the Book 2000 All Lessons on three art books from the UMFA
Art as Storyteller 2001 All Lesson and self-guided tours of the UMFA
Bats in Art 2010 All Lessons that explore bats in art around world
BETA lessons 1999 Elementary Better Education Through the Arts lessons
Beyond the Macaroni Necklace 2003 Elementary Teach in a more creative way with the UMFA collection
Bill Viola - Video Art 2007 Secondary Lessons on video art highlighting Bill Viola
Bingham Mine 2015
Bookmaking 2007 All Bookmaking highlighting books from the UMFA
Built Environment


All Lessons on art depicting the built environment
Color 2011 All Explore color with images from the UMFA
Doll Folk Art 2008 Elementary Lessons on making folk art dolls
Early Utah Women Artists 1998 All Lessons on artwork from Early Utah Women Artists
Egyptian Art 1998 All Ancient Egyptian art from the UMFA collection
Funk Art 2008 All 1970s Funk Art in the UMFA collection
Great Salt Lake Photos 2002 All Photos of the Great Salt Lake in the collection
Greek and Roman Art 2002 All Greek and Roman art in the UMFA collection

Images of Buddha



Sculptures of Buddha in the UMFA collection
Inspired by Great Salt Lake 2014 All Great Salt Lake is an exciting way to teach science, art, history and writing
Japanese Art 2008 All Japanese Art in the UMFA collection
Landscapes 2015 All Exploring Symbolism in Landscapes
LeConte Stewart 2011 All Utah Artist LeConte Stewart's Depression Art
Materials of Art 1997 All Lessons highlghting the materials of art
Medieval Manuscripts 1997 All Medieval Manuscripts from the Marriott Library
Mexican Art 2010 All Mexican Art from Las Artes de México exhibit
Mexican Folk Art 2005 All Mexican Folk Art from the UMFA collection
Modern Art 1996 All Modern Art from the UMFA collection
Our America: The Latino Presence in American Art     2015 All  Latino and Mesoamerican Art from the UMFA collection
Portraits 2013 All Portraits from the UMFA collection
Precolumbian Art 2004 All Precolumbian Art from the UMFA collection
Printmaking Through the Ages 2012 All Prints and printmaking from the UMFA collection
Revisiting Utah's Past 2006 All Utah Art from the UMFA collection
The Silk Road 2009 All Exploring the Silk Road through the collection
Spirituality in Art 2008 All Various types of spiritual art in the collection
Subjects of Art 1996 All Subjects of Art from UMFA European art
Teaching about Nude Art 2010 All Teaching about Nude art in the Classroom

Traditional Papercutting

Transforming the Everyday Object




How to do papercutting from all over the world
Using everyday objects for cross-curricular classroom activities
Utah Harvest Landscapes 1999 All Utah Harvest Art from the UMFA collection
Women Artists 1998 All Women Artists from the last three centuries

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