Exorcising America: Breathing Exercises

I thought you might like to see some breathing exercises. 

As always you can practice these exercises anywhere, in whatever you happen to have on. 

Controlling our breath allows us to increase concentration and focus  

Using the full capacity of our breath allows us to climb, 

jump through hoops, 




and perform at our full potential.

Begin by moving your body with your breath. 

Inhale and put your hands above your head.

Fill your lungs completely and hold your breath for a moment. 

Keeping your hands up allows you to inhale more fully and has the added benefit of being a non-threatening stance. 

Your breath is less likely to be interrupted with your hands above your head. 

Exhale, lowering your hands slowly to your sides. 

Keep your hands out of your pockets.

Keep your shoulders relaxed. 

Inhale and put your hands above your head.

Allowing your rib cage to expand as it fills with breath.

Keep your mouth closed and breathe through your nose. 

You are less likely to speak with your mouth closed, this may give you a better chance of maintaining control of your breath.

Exhale, lowering your hands slowly to your sides, keeping them in view of those around you. 

Now practice breathing with your hands at your sides. 

Inhale fully, allowing your chest, sides and back to expand, 
retain the breathe for a few seconds, 
and then slowly, with control, exhale. 

With practice you will be able to retain the breath for longer. 

Eventually you will be able to slow your breath, and breathe more efficiently under pressure.

Once you are comfortable with these basic exercises you can practice against a wall
on the ground, under heavy objects. 

Remain calm, and focus on the breath. 

Inhale fully, expanding your rib cage as much as possible

Retain your breath for a moment, and exhale slowly with control. 

Do not allow your ribcage to collapse under added pressure as this may result in loss of breath control. 

It is important to stay calm to keep control of your breath. 

It is important to keep control of your breath to stay calm. 

Regular practice may increase your chance of survival when your breath is disrupted or placed under pressure with the intent to control you at any cost.