Photography Policy

A woman has a camera in her hand, covering her face as she looks through the lens to take a photo.


As stewards of culturally significant objects, the Utah Museum of Fine Arts (the Museum) holds the responsibility of safeguarding both the physical integrity of the artwork on display and its protection from copyright infringement. In line with this commitment, we kindly request visitors adhere to the following guidelines without exception.

The UMFA actively encourages photography within its galleries for personal, non-commercial purposes. This practice not only enables visitors to share their experience with friends and family but also contributes to the collective memory of the Museum.

  1. Guests are welcome to document their visit using cell phones or small cameras for personal, amateur photography purposes only.
  2. No filming, videography, or professional-grade equipment is permitted.
  3. Photography is not allowed in areas posted with a “No Photography” symbol or of objects identified with the “No Photography” symbol.
  4. No flash photography of any kind is allowed, including flashes on cell phones, as intense light can damage the artwork.
  5. Long lenses, large cameras, tripods, light stands, selfie sticks, gimbals, or large camera bags are not allowed in the galleries.
  6. During your visit, you may encounter UMFA photographers or videographers capturing content for promotional and educational purposes. If you prefer not to be photographed, please inform the on-site photographer or staff member.

Commercial Photography/Videography

Commercial photography is restricted, with prior approval and fees assessed on a case-by-case basis. The UMFA reserves the right to refuse requests.

Commercial photography includes any work where photos are exchanged for money or where the use of the images taken within the Museum will be used for promotional or advertising purposes, professional artistic projects, portfolios, or for other types of financial gain.

To request the use of the Museum for a commercial project, please fill out this form.

Press Photography

For press inquiries regarding photography or filming access, contact Emma Ryder, the director of marketing and communications, at or 801.581.7328. The UMFA requires an equipment list for approval, with restrictions on tripods, light stands, gimbals, and boom mics.

Image Reproductions

Need a digital image for research, scholarly use, or publication? Fill out our reproduction request form here. For questions, contact Adelaide Ryder, the head photographer and digital assets manager, via email to

Policy Enforcement

The Museum reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to withhold and/or withdraw permission to photograph on its premises and grants permission to photograph objects in its collection on the condition that it is permitted to reproduce such photographs.

The UMFA reserves the right to modify the photography policy at any time and will update this page accordingly. Consequences for not adhering to the policy may include staff or security measures to ensure a respectful environment for all visitors.