Audio Guide

A young woman stands looking at an Egyptian tablet wearing earphones she has medium length brown hair wears a loose gray sweater.

Discover more about the art on view using our free audio guide. Fascinating stories from a variety of Museum voices—conservators, curators, educators, and more—will enrich your experience in the galleries. Hear entertaining factoids, gain new insights, and look closely as you listen.

How to use the audio guide

Access the guide:

  • Download the UMFA Audio Guide from the app store on your mobile device
  • Access the guide through your browser at

Connect to free Wi-Fi through UGuest, open your web browser, agree to the terms, and press Connect.

Find the Look for this audio guide symbol. symbol on wall text next to an object and enter the number in the audio guide.

Press Transcript at any stop to read the audio stop text.

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