An impressionist painting of a cliffside. There's a blue ocean and brown cliffs in the background. There is a green tree in the foreground.

2024 marks 150 years since the first Impressionist exhibition in Paris in 1874. Today, Impressionism and its older cousin Realism reign as beloved styles of painting; however, each was once quite the succès de scandale. Indeed, the 1874 exhibition was infamously panned by art critics, but audiences took note that something exciting and remarkable was underway.

Inspired by their intrepid French peers, American artists seized upon the opportunities that experimental painting provided them to express their thoughts and feelings about the quickly changing modern world. Blue Grass, Green Skies: American Impressionism and Realism from the Los Angeles County Museum of Art is an exhibition that highlights seventeen paintings by some of the most esteemed Realists and Impressionists. The roster includes Americans active in Europe like Mary Cassatt in France, East Coast denizens like Childe Hassam and John Henry Twachtman, and Californians like William Wendt and Granville Redmond.

The UMFA will present this exhibition concurrently with Photo-Secession: Painterly Masterworks of Turn-of-the-Century Photography to draw attention to the cyclical dialogue between painting and photography in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. During this period, photographers manipulated their images at various stages of production to imitate painterly effects, while painters worked and reworked their oils to imitate the immediacy of photography, demonstrating a remarkable reciprocity between these two art forms.

Blue Grass, Green Skies was organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Generous support for this project was provided by Art Bridges Foundation.

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F. Childe Hassam (American, 1859-1935) Point Lobos, Carmel, 1914, Oil on canvas, 28 5/16 x 36 3/16 in., Mr. and Mrs. William Preston Harrison Collection American Art, 29.18.2