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Decorate your classroom with artworks from the UMFA! Each poster includes basic background info about the artwork and two activities for the classroom. Fill out the below form to request these FREE posters.

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a gray-green urn with a squat round body and carved figures on the lid
Funerary Urn (Hunping), China, Western Jin dynasty (265 CE–316 CE), stoneware with grayish-green glaze (proto Yue Ware), purchased with funds from Bert G. Clift Jr. UMFA2018.9.1
a gold necklace made of bat sculptures
Necklace with Double Bat Effigies, Panama, Coclé region, Gran Coclé culture, ca.700–1200, gold, purchased with Funds from Friends of the Art Museum, UMFA2008.16.1 
oil painting still life of a vase overflowing with spring flowers
Francois Ykens, Flemish, Flower Still Life, 1644, oil on panel, gift of Val A. Browning, UMFA1993.034.006
an abstract painting of yellow dots on a black background forming concentric and overlapping circles
Yayoi Kusama, Japanese, born 1929, Infinity Nets, 1959, oil on canvas, purchased with funds from The Phyllis Cannon Wattis Endowment Fund, UMFA2011.2.2
a humorous illustration on a hot dog in a bun spanning the gap between two red rock cliffs with a rainbow in the sky behind it
Russell Talbert Gordon, American, 1936-2013, Hot Dog Bridge, 1974, lithograph, gift of Dr. Christopher A. & Janet Graf, UMFA1974.070.043.021
sculpture of what looks like a modern day medical air tank woven from white ash wood fibers
Merritt Johnson, Forest Seed Basket for present and future understanding, 2019, wood, seeds, purchased with funds from The Phyllis Cannon Wattis Endowment Fund, UMFA2022.5.1


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