Sight & Sound

Amir Jackson playing a DJ set in the UMFA Great Hall

Sight & Sound is a free, ongoing series that pairs innovative musical talents with museum programming and artwork on display in the UMFA galleries for a multisensory experience. Audience members are invited to sit and listen, or explore the galleries resonating with sound. Let the music inform your viewing, let the artwork inform your listening, and let the unexpected connections change your perspective. Past performances have included music ranging from traditional or classical, to more experimental and minimalist works.

For spring 2021 the UMFA and the University of Utah School of Music are proud to present a collaborative virtual Sight & Sound program. Students in the School of Music chose artworks from the UMFA's permanent collection as inspiration for original compositions. The project was conceived by U assistant professor and head of composition Elisabet Curbelo and created in collaboration with students across multiple areas of the School of Music and with staff at the UMFA. Listen to each composition and see the artwork that inspired it here. Read more about this unique collaborative program.