smART Students

UMFA is proud to partner with STEMCAP (STEM Community Alliance Program) to provide art and science workshops and virtual art museum tours to Youth-in-Custody (YIC). The goals of the partnership are to inspire creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking that helps students understand how art, like science, can communicate holistic and multi-faceted narratives, and highlight the role of multi-disciplinary communication in understanding other perspectives that uplift community and foster collaborative efforts in the face of collective problems.

The Sky’s the Limit: Connecting Clouds in Art and Science

STEMCAP Art-Science workshops
These workshops pair an artist with a scientist to demonstrate the ways that artists and scientists interpret and approach scientific topics and ideas, sometimes in very different ways and sometimes in surprisingly similar ones! These workshops are hands-on and allow students to express scientific ideas through creative outlets.

STEMCAP’s Mission: Fostering interest in science among Youth-In-Custody through engagement with scientists, artists, and educators.