Third Saturday Online: Paper Rings

Jewelry is an art form that has inspired cultures around the world. Rings have been especially revered over time. Let’s get inspiration from our Egyptian Eye of Horus ring, the adorned statue of Durga, and depictions of elaborate rings in European paintings to get inspiration. Then, follow along to make your own fancy paper rings! 

A blue-colored ring carved in the shape of an oval eye with a design in the shape of a spiral below the eye.
Ring with a Design of the Eye of Horus, Egyptian, New Kingdom Period, 18th Dynasty (1540–1307 BCE), Faience, Gift of Natacha Rambova, UMFA1952.023.027.025

Horus was the ancient Egyptian sky god in the shape of a falcon. His right eye was a symbol of the sun god Ra. The markings below the eye look like the teardrop markings under a falcon eye. The Eye of Horus is a powerful amulet that symbolizes protection and good health. Amulets are little good luck charms and come in many different forms: charms, necklaces, and rings. Think of a symbol to draw on your paper ring. What does the symbol mean to you?


A buff-colored stone statue of a woman from the waist up. She has an elaborate headdress, collar, and jewelry. She has four arms but only three are visible. In each hand she holds a weapon.
Durga, Central India, ca. 11th–12th century, Red sandstone, gift of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Lenart, UMFA1974.036

This is a statue of the Hindu mother goddess, Durga. Durga maintains balance in the universe. When a buffalo demon that neither man nor god could harm threatened all existence, Durga appeared, armed with the weapons of the Hindu gods, to defeat him and save the world. In this sculpture, Durga is wearing a crown and is adorned with jewelry on her head, ears, neck and hands. Jewelry in Hindu culture is an important part of spiritual life. Why do you wear jewelry? Do you have jewelry just for special occasions? When will you wear your paper rings you make today?


A painting of a woman from the waist up with a dark background. Her hair is in an elaborate updo and she is looking straight at you. She has a large stiff white lace collar with many jewels and chains. Her hand is resting on her torso in a relaxed pose with rings on her fingers.
Attributed to Frans Pourbus the Younger, Flemish, 1569–1622, Portrait of a Lady, ca. 1589–1622, Oil on canvas, Gift of F. William and Mary E. Gay, conserved with funds from the Ann K. Stewart Docent and Volunteer Conservation Fund, UMFA1982.293

Portraits like this one of a European lady are meant to show power and wealth. Details such as the elaborate hairstyle and intricate collar show off this Flemish lady’s refinement, but the jewelry really shows her wealth. Look closely at her ring. Can you see a jewel set in a delicate gold band? The artist has painted her hand just so we can see the jeweled ring. This ring has a red stone and is probably a ruby. European upper classes thought rubies guaranteed good health, wealth, wisdom, and love. You can color a jewel in your ring and make it any color you want. What will the color mean to you?

Making Paper Rings

FIve paper rings on a wood table. One each in yellow, teal, red, silver, and white.

You will need:

  • A piece of paper 2” x 4” (hint: gum wrappers are perfect for this project)
  • A pencil with an eraser
  • Colored pencils or crayons

Follow the instructions on this video to make your paper ring.


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