Art + Wellness

Yoga in the Great Hall

The Art + Wellness initiative aims to integrate art into larger conversations about how to live better, and encompasses ongoing programs such as Yoga and Mindfulness in the Great Hall. This is a benefit free for U students, staff, and faculty!

Visit our calendar to see current Art + Wellness events. 

Art + Yoga

Experience the art of yoga in the UMFA Great Hall, and explore connections between the practice of yoga and themes found in the galleries. See our calendar and events page for dates, times, and additional information. 

Art + Mindfulness

Practice slow and mindful looking at artwork as well as traditional, guided meditation. This free meditation practice is perfect for beginners—everyone is welcome. See our calendar and events page for dates, times, and additional information.

Visual Thinking Strategies with the Medical School

The UMFA has partnered with the University of Utah School of Medicine since 2011 on a series of "visual diagnosis" events. The medical students are guided through the museum while learning the basic techniques of Visual Thinking Strategies (VTS)—an object-based method of viewing art focused on close-looking skills. Students then examine medical images with new insight using the strategies learned in the galleries.

Group Visits

 Learn about group tours—guided, self-guided, or sketching—for 10–60 visitors, here

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